Container FP001 - with molded side walls


The details of this container are made of plywood of the highest quality to provide the best strength characteristics which are perhaps the most important criterion in choosing a shipping container. Locks and fastening tapes are made of special steel with coating - it gives additional rigidity and prevents the formation of rust which can cause a cargo damage.

Folding side walls


During assembly and disassembly of the container side walls can be folded in a rhombus until the complete snuggling, thus forming a smooth flat surface. Due to this, disassembled container is easy to store and transport, this also saves storage space.

складные боковины, складной ящик, складной контейнер, разборный
контейнер, ящик, коробок, разборный, поддон, на заказ
Locks mounting the side walls


Specially designed locks mounting the side walls provide high strength and stiffness of the container as a whole, while a properly chosen steel grade provides a multiple reuse.

замок, фиксатор, язычок, петля
контейнер, ящик, коробок, разборный, поддон, на заказ
Transportation and storage


Containers are delivered unassembled on pallets fixed with tie ribbons. Delivery to the client's company can be done by any type of transport.

сертификат на ящик, сертификат на контейнер, сертификат на коробок
Certificate of compliance


The container  FP-001 is protected with a certificate for the type of packaging, this confirms the high quality of manufacturing and compliance with all national and international standards of transportation.