Container FP031 - with collapsible sidewalls


The details of this container are made of plywood of the highest quality to provide the best strength characteristics which are perhaps the most important criterion in choosing a shipping container. Locks and fastening tapes are made of special steel with coating - it gives additional rigidity and prevents the formation of rust which can cause a cargo damage.



Each of the four side walls may be slightly opened independently from other side walls - this feature facilitates the manual loading and unloading of products at the customer and consumer.

складные боковины, складной ящик, складной контейнер, разборный
контейнер, ящик, коробок, разборный, поддон, на заказ


Pallet: The pallet consists of lumber softwood materials fastened together with special nails to increase the strength of the joints.


Top / bottom: Consist of plywood with a special profile mounted on the perimeter for fixing locks the side walls.


Sides: Consist of plywood with fixed locks or ribbons to connect with each other, top and bottom.

контейнер, ящик, коробок, разборный, поддон, на заказ


This type of container can be also ordered with a special plate shifting limiter and (or) double sidewall folded in half for an easy loading / unloading.