Production and supply of plywood packaging, containers and boxes

Plywood packaging

This type of packaging lets reduce boxing costs, minimize labor intensity when packing and unpacking goods, increase the load capacity of wagons and containers, reduce storage space and increase the mechanization on almost all the stages of the movement of goods.


All the products of "Fankor Plus" are manufactured in accordance with the state standards of the Russian Federation and technical requirements developed in the company. To confirm the declared quality parameters and performance, there is a certificate of compliance with the type of  packaging.


Variety of dimensions


Variety of wall thickness


High durability and stiffness


Low weight of containers


Full or partial disassembly


Transformation of side walls


Individual approach

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The company "Fankor plus" has successfully passed all checks for compliance of working conditions state regulatory requirements of labor protection. Designed and approved the Declaration of compliance of working conditions - the document which is the actual evidence that the specific workplace requirements of employment law are met in full.

March 22, 2014

Again the production of "Fankor Plus" has successfully passed certification tests.

May 03, 2013

Thank-you letter by the commercial director of ZAO "Kyshtym Copper Electrolyte Plant" to LLC "Fankor Plus."